Part 1 of 2 — A kaleidoscope of Trilliiums on the Blue Ridge Parkway — 2018-05-05

Early this past Saturday morning, my two good buddies, Alan Cressler and Steve Bowling from Atlanta, Georgia met me at my house, and we headed up to the Blue Ridge Parkway via the Pisgah National Forest. We had such a great day, that I’m going to have to split the trip report into two parts. The first part will cover the Trillium images only. The second part will cover the remainder of the Spring wildflower images.

You might remember that my last report showed you some Trillium hybrids that I found in the Pisgah National Forest. I believe that this a location very similar to the one that Fred Case mentioned on page 139 of his book, Trilliums, except I believe that the ones I found must be hybrids between Trillium vaseyi or Vasey’s Trillium and Trillium erectum or Red Trillium. I will leave it to you, Dear Reader, to form your own opinion. However, I must mention that there are pure strains of both Trillium vaseyi and Trillium erectum very nearby, but I have found no sign of the Trillium rugelii or Southern Nodding Trillium that Case mentions.

Here are a couple of shots of these strange but beautiful Trillium hybrid flowers:

Trillium hybrid Trillium hybrid

Trillium hybrid Trillium hybrid

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