This blog/web site is a new venture for me. As most of you already know, I am unapologetically crazy about wild orchids. I’ve been known to travel great distances just to see a single species in bloom. The intent of this blog/web site is to be a vehicle to share my adventures with you so that, hopefully, you might begin to appreciate why I am so fixated on wild orchids.

I am currently headquartered in Greenville, South Carolina. It’s an area at the edge of the Southern Appalachian Mountains that is rich with all sorts of wildflowers — including many dozens of orchid species.

In orchid heaven

This shot was taken July 1, 2006 just beside the access road to Mt. Mitchell, North Carolina, near the Blue Ridge Parkway. The orchids surrounding me are Platanthera psycodes, also known as Small purple fringed orchids.

Stay tuned, and enjoy my wildflower adventures…

— Jim

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